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3d architectural perspective service: major advantages for real estate players

Real estate professionals, whether you are a designer, architect or promoter, you are no doubt convinced that architectural perspectives are a major asset in your communication. However, many of you may be hesitant about the cost of a 3D visual that quickly exceeds $ 500 when the project is quite complex.

In order for you to understand how to lower the cost of an interior rendering, you need to understand what are the components that make its price vary. A quick overview.

3D visualization is aimed at all professionals in the building sector, from the prime contractor to the client, including all intermediary trades. Because each of these actors needs to present their ideas, concepts, goods or know-how. And the most spectacular way to do it is to present a realistic image of a space created as a result of professional intervention.

The advantages of the architectural 3D perspective are therefore multiple:

  • Real estate developers sell more easily off plan. The developer presents exactly what the accommodation will look like. The purchaser can then order modifications or select options, which can be faithfully visualized through the architectural 3D perspective.

  • The decorators and interior architects present the spaces after work. The client can thus see what their spaces will look like after the intervention of the project manager. This facilitates decision making and avoids unnecessary back and forth.

  • Suppliers showcase their goods or services. Whether they are materials manufacturers, kitchen designers or bathroom installers, finishing professionals can showcase their know-how and their goods with beautiful visuals.

If you recognize yourself in these professionals looking for 3D perspectives for architecture, you can read our guide on how to outsource the production of your visuals.

Case study: realization of a 3d architectural perspective for an interior designer

We recently had the privilege of carrying out a photorealistic visualization project involving the renovation of a 20m² studio in Paris and the custom construction of an office space. This is the opportunity to explain how we go about creating a 3D architectural perspective.

1. Project estimation and collection of input data

To make an accurate project estimate, we need to have as much information as possible about the work being requested. Here, the Parisian interior designer sent us photos of the existing spaces, sketches of the project as well as a very detailed mood board.

2. Modeling of spaces necessary for the architectural 3D perspective After agreeing on the quote and the delivery date, we performed the modeling of the spaces respecting all the requested details:

  • construction of office elements,

  • reproduction of the kitchen area,

  • reconstitution of the show and addition of all the details requested ...

3. Apply textures and find decorative elements The next step is to apply textures and colors to the surfaces of the space. Then we look for the decorative elements requested by the architect and place them in the architectural 3D perspective. 4. First version of the architectural 3D perspective Most of the work is then done. We then render the visual in 3D and after brief retouching of the images, we submit it to the client.

The architect then proposes in detail the modifications necessary for the 3D architectural perspective to faithfully represent his project.

5. Delivery of 3D architectural rendering Once all the changes are done, we deliver the 3D architectural perspective in high resolution. These visuals can be presented to the end customer so that he can judge the project and the expected result after the intervention of the architect.

The 3D architectural perspective service, a meticulous but rewarding specialty

Achieving architectural perspectives that are both faithful to the architectural project and photorealistic is not within everyone's reach. At Earthlings, our team is made up of 3D artists who have worked for many years in architectural and interior design firms. They therefore have a real sensitivity to design and anticipate your needs.


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