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Architecture trends in 2021

Styles and trends in architecture have changed a lot over time. If the debates on the tastes of architectural styles divide, if some prefer the baroque or classic style to the famous Parisian Haussmanian buildings, the fact remains that trends in architecture evolve.

Today, while the harmony of the exterior and the interior is important everywhere, and in everything, it is imperative to find a solution for the exterior and the architecture of your home that fully matches your mood. and current trends among architects

And in 2021, what do we do?

2021 focuses on new and emerging technologies, sustainable architectural elements and conscious consumption. It should also be noted that architecture today is a kind of reflection of social trends. Therefore, the use of recycled materials, alternative energy sources and the utmost care for the environment will come back to the fore. Earthlings has selected her current favorite styles.

1. The industrial style

The industrial style of architecture originated in the 1940s in American metropolises, where abandoned industrial buildings were increasingly given over to rental housing. At first glance, this style seemed overwhelming and extreme, with for example its flat roofs, its symmetrical shapes, its bricks or metal as a facade, its large panoramic windows. Over time, one could find unconditional advantages - such as large open spaces, excellent natural light, and high ceilings. Gradually, such housing became incredibly fashionable - and its features formed a separate direction in construction.

2. Back to modern minimalism

Refusal of excess, pretension, excessive stacking of elements - in light of such trends, it makes perfect sense to pay close attention to minimalist architecture. The leadership itself was actively developing in the 50-the 60s of the last century.

Yet in 2020-2021, it entered a new wave of popularity due to its features, in keeping with the widespread desire for functionality and harmony. Indeed, its strict forms, mainly cubic, the open terraces and verandas, the characteristic low foundations, the monochrome plinth trim, and the clear and discreet neutral tones such as white, beige, gray, golden brown, are today in the spotlight. fashion because we are simply looking for the essential, and not to be overloaded and oppressed.

3. The green style

Environmental issues are a real hot topic and are our future. In recent years, architects have worked actively to implement the idea of being as close to nature as possible. Thus in 2020-2021, a true symbiosis between the active use of natural solutions and a conscientious attitude towards the environment was formed. In the architecture of new buildings, this translates into the use of recycled and natural materials in decoration and construction, the transfer of production to more environmentally friendly technologies, raw materials, and equipment, and the active development of facade greening technologies using residential installations in the vertical and horizontal planes.

4. Passive houses

In the same logic, some architects take the idea even further and make these houses autonomous in terms of energy production, and therefore ecological. These residential buildings aim to reduce energy consumption as much as possible, primarily by reducing heat loss from the building. Every inhabitant of a house can do a minimum by taking certain measures, with efficient and high-quality insulation or the elimination of cold bridges in units and materials.

5. Smart homes

Let's finish this selection of our favorite trends with the innovation that will soon become a must, smart homes. If the robotization of tools is more and more extensive, it is soon our homes that will be smart enough to remember our habits and act for us. Highly intelligent devices provide high-quality ventilation, comfortable control of lighting and appliances, and, of course, maximum safety, creating a comfortable, high-tech oasis for homeowners. However, another thing is also essential: such systems are incredibly efficient at regulating energy consumption, which is especially valuable for environmentally conscious people.

And you, what would be your dream home ?

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