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These buildings that break the codes of architecture

Constructing a building is a meticulous task that takes time, money, and manpower. Especially if a building has a unique concept or a special design, then a great deal of calculation, experience, and innovation has to be taken into account.

Earthlings unveils some of the most unusual and creative buildings from around the world here. Being complicated to make an official and complete list on this subject, we have assembled the buildings with the most original and above all interesting architecture that you will be able to see during a trip to the cities concerned.

We let you admire!


1. Expansion of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

2. Piano House, Anhui, China

3. Geisel Library, San Diego, California, USA

4. House Attack by Erwin Wurm, Vienna, Austria

5. The crooked house, Sopot, Poland

6. Kinémax, Parc du Futuroscope, Poitiers, France

7. Banknote building, Kaunas, Lithuania

8. Waldspirale or « The spiral forest », Darmstadt, Germany

9. Beijing National Stadium or "Bird's Nest", Beijing, China

10. Heydar-Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tell us which one impresses you the most!


Source : Distractify

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